Saturday, August 28, 2004


Iraq has rapidly become a mini-Vietnam, though it has the potential to become a full scale version. In 2004, two pro-war candidates are running. Both would like to keep troops in Iraq, as great in number and as long as possible. But the American presence in Iraq is very dangerous-- even deadly. At least 13,000 people have already died in Iraq. Although the news only mentions American Deaths, every day more and more Iraqis and Americans are being killed.

Most the Iraqis killed have been civillians. These are the innocent people that Bush and Kerry are claiming to "liberate." One can only assume George Bush believes the only good Iraqi is a dead Iraqi.

American Voters need to understand that their vote has consequences for people all over the world. From sweatshop workers to Iraqi civillians, 4 more years of American Politics as usual can become devastating. Voters should visit before deciding to throw their vote to one of two pro-war, pro-death candidates.

Millions of Americans believed George Bush when he said this war was necessary. Millions believe John Kerry as he tells us this war must continue. But can the thousands of dead civillians really be necessary? Or is it possible that Bush and Kerry are trying to distract us from all the death so to manipulate our vote.

Ralph Nader is the only candidate who believes America needs to wash her hands of this civilian bloodshed by bringing the troops home.

Please visit and remember, a vote for Ralph is a vote to honor those killed by Bush's war.


Anonymous Peggy G Pelton said...

Nader has always been my selection. In the past i've not voted for him, feeling it would be an empty one. Now that cheating in election is allowed, I will be voting Nader from here on. He is TRUELY my selection, so I may as well go for MY TRUE CHOICE! Peggy Gillespie Pelton,

August 27, 2005 at 10:23 AM  

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