Friday, August 27, 2004


I just received this update from If you haven't already signed the petition, go there now and do it. Getting Ralph in the debates is still a conceivable possibility.
We’re getting ready to send our next 2,000 signatures to President Bush, so if you have signatures with you, please fax them by Sunday night to 212-803-1899.

Yesterday John Kerry made news by challenging President Bush to weekly debates from now until the Nov. 2 presidential election. Writes Reuters, 'It is not unusual for challengers to seek more debates to become better known among voters and for incumbents to turn them down.' While the major party candidates begin to play politics with the debate issue, this is really our moment to step in and demand that Americans want Nader included so we can have real debate and dialogue on the issues facing our county.

Here are highlights from the past several days:

• In California, Jason Olson, Dave Mollo and Glen Miracle have been going out on the streets every weekend in the San Francisco Bay area. They got “LetNaderDebate” t-shirts made up at a local printer. “People love seeing us on the street,” said Jason. 'Even if they don’t sign the petition, they are glad that someone is talking about the issue of democracy this year.” Jason and the team have gathered hundreds of signatures so far, and are working to recruit volunteers and attend local events, like the “Weapons of Mass Democracy” rally in Colton California next weekend. If you live in the Bay area and want to get involved with Jason and company, send an email to

• The Committee for a Unified Independent Party, a think tank for independent voters, released the results of a poll of independent voters they conducted during August. The survey of 700 independents from 36 states asked whether the Democratic Party officials should be allowed to prevent Ralph Nader from getting on the ballot. Seventy-one percent of respondents answered 'Should not.' Read more about this important survey of independent voters at

• With seven days to go, we have raised $21,120 - well within shooting distance of our $25,000 goal. We have received donations from supporters in 37 states. In addition to raising the $25,000 by August 31st, we’d like to have donors from every state on board. So, if you are from Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Hawaii, Louisiana, North Carolina, Delaware, West Virginia, Idaho, Oregon, South or North Dakota, now is a great time to come on board and make a donation! If you live in one of the other states, it is also a great time to give! Every dollar we raise fuels our on-line advertising campaign and attracts hundreds of new supporters. Please give today!

Remember, fax in those signatures by Sunday night. Keep talking to people and make a donation. Every dollar we raise and every person we talk to strengthens our position to get Nader into the debates.


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