Monday, September 13, 2004

Nader Adresses Student Issues in Cleveland

Yesterday, I had a brief chance to meet with Ralph Nader and ask him a few questions. These are issues ignored by Bush and Kerry.

Q. Should college tuition be free?
A. Yes, that should be the goal: to make state college free to all Americans. To do this we have to do something about the bloated military budget. 140 Billion dollars for a missile program that this country's leading physicists say will never work is outragous. That money should be used to allow all students to go to state college free.

Q. Will the Iraq War become as bas as Vietnam?
A. Yes, unless John Kerry makes some drastic changes in his position. There is one difference between Iraq and Vietnam, and that is the way the press is handling it. In Vietnam they did not have all the coverage everytime a soldier died. The draft will come back the way things are going, unless the public opinions against the war get to that 68 or 70 percent range. Then, even George Bush will pull out of Iraq; he won't let his party suffer for one war. But unless that happens, Iraq will become as bad, if not worse, than Vietnam.

Q. What issues should students be concerned about in this election?
A. Young people should be concerned about the soaring costs of tuition, about the disappearing job market, about the drug war that criminalizes addiction, and about environmental issues that affect the planet they and their children will live on.


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