Thursday, September 23, 2004


Twelvers are groups of citizens working to get this country back on track. Corporate interests drive the Republican and Democratic parties, not the interests of the people. To get the country back on the right road, the people have to take the wheel. Within every community there are active citizens, willing to work for better government. This program brings them together and shifts the power back to the people.

Definition of a Twelver:

1.Innovative political reform unit having twelve members;
2. An individual member of the unit.
Origin: Nader for President Campaign, 2004.

Purpose: Twelvers work together for political reform. When organized, people shift the power. The Nader for President campaign and the Twelver movement work to shift power out of corporate hands and back into the hands of the people.

Yesterday, in a conference call with Ralph Nader and many Campus Coordinators, Ralph urged the building of twelvers on American Campuses. To do so on your campus, check out:

As a twelver of students you all take election day off from any thing you can (Classes, work) go to the polls and vote together, and then go for dinner or beer and watch as the election results come back in. It is a great way to initiate political movement and discussion in our politically anemic culture.

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