Monday, October 25, 2004


1. Which Candidate Believes We Must Win In Iraq before We Can Exit Iraq?
A. George Bush.
B. John Kerry.
C. All of the Above.

2. Which candidate has define what is meant by "victory" in reference to Iraq?
A. George Bush.
B. John Kerry.
C. None of the Above.

3. Which candidates have supported NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND?
A. George Bush.
B. John Kerry.
C. All of the Above.

4. Which candidate has received large contributions from Citicorp, a major issuer of Student Loans.
A. George Bush.
B. John Kerry.
C. All of the Above.

5. Which Candidate Is Opposed to the USA PATRIOT ACT?
A. George Bush.
B. John Kerry.
C. Ralph Nader.
D. B and C.

6. Which candidates have endorsed the war on drugs?
A. George Bush.
B. John Kerry.
C. All of the Above.

7. Which candidate wants the minimum wage to have at least as much purchasing power as it did in 1968?
A. George Bush.
B. John Kerry.
C. None of the Above.

8. Which candidate wants to give at least 99% of corporations a tax break?
A. George Bush.
B. John Kerry.
C. All of the Above.

9. Which party sued to remove Nader from the Ohio Ballot, and what party was the lawfirm they used?
A. Democrats used a Democratic Lawfirm.
B. Republicans used an Independant Lawfirm.
C. Democrats used a Republican Lawfirm.
D. Ohioans will be free to vote for their preferred candidate in Ohio.

10. Which two candidates belong to the same elitist secret society?
A. David Cobb and Walt Brown.
B. Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo.
C. George Bush and John Kerry.
D. George Bush and Al Sharpton.

1. C. All of the Above. Both Bush and Kerry refuse to discuss an exit strategy until we have won the war in Iraq. As John Kerry summed up in the first debate, "I'm talking about winning, not leaving."

2. C. None of the Above. Appaently Bush and Kerry expect the Iraqis to wave a white flag when we have won. Otherwise, their definition of victory does not exist. If Iraq still is not stable in 100 years, will American troops still be dying there?

3. C. All of the Above. John Kerry voted on Bush's proposed NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. Neither have suggested how to fund it or adressed the problems created by it, such as over-testing and the lack of civic education.

4. C. All of the Above. John Kerry immediately scratched his plan to provide free college once Citicorp was in his top five contributors column. This makes Kerry a paradox: Most politicians wait until AFTER election to break promises.

5. C. Ralph Nader. John Kerry and George Bush both endorse the Patriot Act. Bush has spoken very highly of it and John Ashcroft's use of it to invade privacy. John Kerry, who along with every other Democrat in the Senate (except Feingold), voted for the law and now says we must "keep 95% while making the other 5% even more effective."

6. C. All of the Above. Kerry voted for harsher penalties for marijuanna users during the Clinton administration, as well as increasing 10x the amount of money used in the war on drugs. He still does not favor legalizing any drugs and favors harsh penalties for non-violent offenders, often times college students who would not become hardened criminals if not for the time spent in jail when they are young.

7. C. None of the Above. Bush opposes minimum wage (in fact, he opposes wages for most workers at all). John Kerry favors a minimum wage equal to about what it was 7 or 8 years ago, when it was near an all-time low in terms of purchasing power. The 1968 Minimum Wage, inflation adjusted to today (as Congress's wages are) would be about $8.75, not the "maybe even as much as seven dollars an hour" Kerry proudly touts.

8. C. All of the Above. Both candidates want to cut corporate taxes, despite the fact most corporations don't pay any taxes now.

9. C. Democrats used a Republican Lawfirm. The Democrats used Kirkland - Ellis, the former lawfirm of Ken Starr, to remove Nader from the ballot. In Ohio the Campaign turned in 15,000 signatures, 3x as many as were needed. Because many of the signers, though, were not yet registered to vote (but registered later) and because some signatures did not match the signatures on 30-year old voter registrations, these names were removed. Many Ohioans will not be allowed to vote for their preferred candidate.

10. C. George Bush and John Kerry. In addition to being in the same secret society, they are both:
-Within the top 1% of wealthiest Americans
-Related by blood (9th cousins)


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