Friday, October 08, 2004


As students increasingly do not vote and do not participate in government, it is no surprise that we will be ignored at tonight's presidential debate. Here are some issues students should demand be adressed in this election:

-The Draft. Although Republicans and George W. Bush continue to assure us they will use only volunteers, the American people continue to question what they mean by "volunteer." If given the choice between volunteering and going to jail, many youths will volunteer. John Kerry says he will begin to withdraw troops, after he says he will put more there. These men can not be trusted with the future of our military.

-Living Wage. Students desparately need a living wage. President Bush does not like any minimum wage laws and believes a class of poverty is necessary for him to bask in his wealth; Senator Kerry believes $7 an hour can raise a family. American Students would, of course, love to see Kerry or his daughters live on seven dollars an hour, but don't count on it happening, or being brought up tonight.

-College Education Costs. Plans to reduce the cost of college are easily recognized by skeptical students as empty promises, and obviously empty promises are worse than pure silence. Kerry once promised free college, but those promises were dead once the banks put him on their payroll.

-The War on Drugs. Bush may not appreciate that he was never jailed for his past drug use, but he has no problem locking up millions of people who lead the same immoral life he has. As a Senator, John Kerry never questioned Clinton's escalated war on drugs, either. Neither men would ever propose replacing the corporate prisons filled with marijuanna users with better schools. Never.

-Job Loss. Since January 2001, 2.7 million jobs have been lost and more than 75% of those jobs have been high wage, high productivity manufacturing jobs. College students are well aware that they will have difficulty finding work once they graduate. High school graduates unable to afford the insane college tuition prices are having more and more difficulty finding trade work. Many jobs have been lost due to the Bush-approved NAFTA, which Kerry voted for. Many jobs could be created by rolling back the Bush-Kerry taxcuts, using the money to fund American infrastructure and redirecting large bureaucratic and fraudulent health expenditures toward preventive health care we can reverse this trend and create millions of new jobs.

-Government Reform. Young people are sick and tired of the same old lies, the same Washington elite ignoring the future of our country. But as long as two men, both from America's 1% richest and most egalitarian, are running for office, don't expect any change. If we opened up our government by fully funded federal elections, instant run-off voting, none-of-the-above options, and proportional representation, Bush and Kerry know they would never stand a chance. Such issues at tonight's debate would proce disasterous for their comfy government positions.

American Students need to gather together to make these issues more recognized and debated in the political arena.


Blogger SocialChangePSU said...

I don't know if anybody else has noticed this but over the last four years my pell grants got cut drastically and that put a huge strain on my family. The number of jobs in the market has decreased and so have the wages. At the same time issues I care deeply about from AIDS in Africa, to poverty, to the war and more have been horribly disgraced. The enemy is Bush and we need to get him out of office and then work on developing the policies we want from within. Republicans have all three branches of government and we've been getting screwed. We need to get them out now!

October 17, 2004 at 2:38 PM  

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